New site launch

When it comes to their own websites, there’s two kinds of agencies – those who change it too often, and those who don’t change it often enough. We definitely fall into the latter group, having done nothing aside content updates and minor refreshes since we launched our last site in 2014.

It didn’t really reflect who we are, and it certainly didn’t demonstrateĀ how we do things.

And so, finally, our new site is born. It’s definitely something we should have done sooner, because once we sat down to actually do it, the whole thing took less than 10 hours.

That said, it’s very much a work in progress – we want to use it as much as a test bed for our ideas and development as anything else, which we realised kind of makes sense – it’s what you’ll be engaging us for, after all.

We’ve already had to make some updates to ensure our page speed was where we were happy, and we know we’ve got work to do on our dynamic homepage. There’s also more functionality we want to add to the blog pages so you can navigate around between posts more easily.

Ultimately, rather than ‘think’ and ‘doodle’ for another couple of years, we’d just get it ‘out there’ and then continue to improve it as we go.

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Wed 23rd Aug 2017
at 22:54

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