Bespoke Business Systems

Off the shelf solutions are ten a penny these days, and with the majority of them being cost-effective SaaS solutions or open source, the world of bespoke development for every system is largely behind us.

That said, sometimes…off the shelf simply doesn’t cut it. The cost-effective ones will force you to work in a certain way, even if it doesn’t meet your desired workflow, simply because they’re aimed at the mass market and don’t come with enough customisation.

On the other side of the scale, the solutions that let you customise to your exact needs are often very expensive, either through licensing or the sheer time it requires to configure that level of customisation…and what you end up with is basically a bespoke development anyway, just with ongoing license fees.

This is where bespoke development can still play a part.

Using proper scoping and planning, and calling on 15 years of systems development, we’re able to plan and build highly complex systems that meet your exact needs, AND retain adaptability and customisation in the future, for a fraction of the time and cost it would take to deploy most modern ‘off the shelf’ systems.

What you end up with is exactly what you wanted, more than ready to grow and change with you, and completely yours to do what you please with, including reselling as your own product.

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