Identity / Data Management

There are plenty of single sign-on providers out there, including options from some of the biggest players in the world – Google and facebook – but you have to look at more commercial models before you find a centralised user management system. Even then, they tend to lean very much towards reporting and monitoring – essentially turning the user data they hold into a marketing and reporting tool for you.

Our solution is a little different. Called ‘Controlled Data’, it’s a digital identity system that delivers 4 key features:

  1. It enables robust, authenticated identity for any integrated system
  2. It provides easy mechanisms for services and applications – including third parties – to integrate and make use of authenticated identities, with full control over how the level of access they get and a full audit trail of access
  3. It provides high security of data and access through tiered access, controlled data flows and 2048bit encrypted data with no single point of failure of vulnerability
  4. It provides a centralised way for individuals to update their information across one, some or all integrated systems, monitor access and usage, and add and remove consent for data usage from any party.

It is not built as a marketing tool, rather it is intended to provide secure, authenticated and up-to-date access and control of personal information in a centralised and easy to manage location for both the provider (you), the integrated services (your sites and systems and, if you like, approved third parties) and most importantly, the individual who has trusted you with their personal information and who is reliant on the service you provide.

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