Page Speed Development

If you’re getting a site from us, then you’re getting one that is optimised for speed and efficiency, as measured by Google’s Page Speed Insights tool.

By building our sites with speed in mind, you can sure that they’re not only loading as fast as they can, but also that they’ve been built with proper planning and consideration – you simply can’t get a high page speed score by luck!

High page speed scores can only really be attained through the avoidance of ‘time saving’ frameworks, templates and plugins – the code you get needs to be built for your project and only include what it needs to deliver.

It also needs a properly planned and technical integration to ensure that your content, code and imagery remains optimised and speedy.

In short, page speed is important for more than just a fast-loading site – it demonstrates that we actually cared about your project in the first place.

What if we didn’t build your site?

We’re more than happy to talk to you about your site and how your page speed score can be improved, even if we didn’t build it. Either on in advisory role for your existing web teams, or by taking on the technical support (and hosting, if needs be) for your site, we can help your site load faster and perform better.

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