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Mon 29th Feb 2016

We’ve been working with various guises of public sector clients for well over a decade now, and whilst each one has always has their own unique needs and challenges, they’ve all also shared a lot of requirements in common.

Generally speaking, they’re working to a tight budget, usually to a tight time frame and they need a system that will work with their existing systems and processes with a minimum of fuss. Uptime is essential, as is general stability and – of course – security is an absolute.

Client teams – those who need daily access to the database – can range from two key members in the communications office through to dozens, if not hundreds, of individuals across the UK; and the audiences that the site needs to speak to will range from the most actively engaged and positive resident through to the highly critical leader of whatever group or community a particular budget cut or policy change has angered this week.

In short, whilst they have their individual needs for forums, or on-page commenting, or a quick way for their residents to submit pictures of broken fences, what they all share is the need to have a CMS that can deliver their content quickly, reliably and without requiring extensive training just to do the basics.

With that in mind, we’ve been working over the last 6 months on a product that ticks every box a typical public sector client might have, and remains expandable and flexible enough to deliver the more bespoke functionality that is often called for.

Based on the World’s leading open source technologies, we’ve developed a CMS which – out of the box – delivers all the customisation, functionality and reliability you would normally only expect from the most expensive enterprise systems and adds huge amounts of scalability, resilience, security and adaptability into the mix.

It’s a powerful and unique blend that delivers an unparalleled level of completely customised functionality and design whilst retaining world-class levels of support and, importantly, keeping costs down.

You can read more about our Public Sector CMS on our dedicated microsite –

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