Web design and prototyping

Generally speaking, web design is easy…what makes it hard is all the questions that must be answered if your final design is going to actually mean anything.

Once you consider the success of your web design to be anything other than ‘looking pretty’, you need to make sure that your putting together a design brief that is properly researched and tested. That’s where prototyping comes in.

A good prototype will allow you to test your ideas quickly, and base your next iteration on the outcome of that testing. The prototype itself starts as the answer to the first set of questions, and those questions are derived from the research and knowledge sharing that should form the start of any new project.

The best thing about prototyping is that you can combine multiple prototypes to make a bigger prototype, and ultimately form a tested, coherent view of your entire project which can the be used to build quickly, and with minimal risk (which has all been removed in your various testing stages).

Using processes we now commonly know as ‘design sprints’, we’re able to help you identify the questions and objectives your project has, and then find solutions to those problems, in manageable, testable chunks.

Interested in design sprints?

If you can commit the time, and you have a problem to solve, a design sprint might be just the thing you need to get answers quickly.

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