knowledge bank and intranet development

We’ve found a real niche over the years in planning out and building highly focused, user-centric online systems that help your users and visitors find ‘stuff’.

We specialise in building systems for when ‘out of the box’ just doesn’t do what you need it to:

  • Deep-mining of uploaded documents and PDFs
  • Automatic keyword generation and categorisation
  • AI and behaviour-based recommendations
  • Automated language translation
  • Dictionary definition and thesaurus searching to find similar content
  • Localised, date-driven events and news

Through a range of functional modules we’ve developed, we’re able to plan and build information workflows that do what you need them to, and our discovery processes ensure that we get deep into your requirements to discover the right objectives for your project, before we try and find a solution to them.

And despite all of this bespoke functionality and workflow, you get a system that’s easily supported, highly portable and built in a way that can continue to grow as your requirements change in the future.

Interested in design sprints?

If you can commit the time, and you have a problem to solve, a design sprint might be just the thing you need to get answers quickly.

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